Stories by Howard Dahdah

Mincom sees strong future despite economic uncertainty

In April this year analyst firm Gartner issued a research note on Australian software giant Mincom following the appointment of Greg Clark as its new CEO, saying customers should, after three months, start getting a feel for the company's future direction, which had been “uncertain” since the departure of former CEO Richard Mathews and other senior managers.

Telcos high in the cloud

Telcos are in the box seat to reap the benefits of cloud computing, said a key player in IBM's cloud computing division.

IBM Research expands, lab in good Scissorhands

Scissorhands. It sounds like a character from a Hollywood flick but instead is the name of an IBM Research tool in the works that turns information contained in web pages into live structured data.

Linux takes a seat on Qantas’ new superjumbo

Linux will be a passenger in every seat on Qantas’ Airbus A380s aeroplanes. All of the airline’s superjumbos – the first of which will commence flying next week – will have their in-flight entertainment systems powered by the operating system.

Trend Micro: Don’t buy antivirus software

Trend Micro’s consumer security product manager has recommend people not to buy antivirus products, including his own. But there is a method to his madness, he assures.