Stories by Howard Dahdah

Free ad costs Fairfax a rap over the knuckles by ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has rapped Fairfax Digital over the knuckles for misleading customers over the use of the term 'free' in conjunction with a mobile phone property listing on its Domain real estate site.

Amazon S3 systems failure downs Web 2.0 sites

A systems failure at Amazon's S3 hosted storage service this morning has affected a host of Web 2.0 applications such as Twitter and SumgMug, which are dependent on it for the delivery of their applications.

Device keeps elderly in touch

A touch screen device that aims to address the issue of social isolation in Australia's elderly population, is nearing commercial rollout.

The loss of an IT services pioneer

CSC has been a dominant part of the Australian IT services landscape for the past four decades years. Sadly, the man who first took control of the business will no longer be able to see it enter its fifth decade.

Cybercrime Convention will benefit Australia, says proponent

The Convention on Cybercrime is the work of the Council of Europe and is aimed at facilitating international cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of computer crimes. Since the Convention came into being in 2001, the COE has been working to address the growing international concern over the threats posed by hacking and other computer-related crimes.