Stories by Howard Dahdah

Nanotech T-shirt can recharge MP3 player

Nanotechnology researchers have developed a shirt that brings new meaning to the slogan power to the people. They claim that what you wear may soon be enough to power your MP3 player.

New technology gives hope to golf's duffers

A new system that cobbles together technology and software smarts is putting golfers' swings under the microscope - well in this case two digital video cameras - in order to lift their handicaps.

MYOB forum overrun by adult spam

A forum set up to assist users of MYOB accounting software has been so heavily crippled by spam that users have now been forced to join other help forums, and its owner to offload the site to somebody who can better manage it.

Telstra's CDMA cut-off gets Ministerial reprieve

The CDMA cut-off date has been pushed back several months after the Federal Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, said on Friday that he was not convinced as yet of the "equivalence" between Telstra's Next G and older CDMA network.

A high day ahead for Linux HPC

Linux and High Performance Computing go hand in hand. So to see what Australian users have been doing with Linux and HPC, this year's is holding a Birds of a Feather session on the topic. Before the session kicks off we take time to speak to the BoF coordinator Anthony David. During the working day David works for SGI as the onsite engineer for the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC). Here, we ask him about the state of HPC in Australia and where it is heading. The following responses are his own personal beliefs and not that of his employer.

The low-down on the Linux High-Availability Project

Simon Horman works as a software engineer for VA Linux Systems Japan. In his downtime he also busies himself working on open source projects such as kexec-tools, kexec for Xen IA64, the Linux Virtual Server Project, and the Linux High-Availability Project, which seeks to provide high availability clustering solutions for Linux. At this year's in Melbourne, Horman will leave his Tokyo base to participate in the conference and to help organise the informal Linux HA Birds of a Feather session. He speaks to Howard Dahdah ahead of his arrival.

ATO plagued by email scam

It is proving to be the email that wont go away. The Australian Tax Office is again warning people about a fraudulent email that claims to offer recipients a tax refund.

Shipping news: Sun's Blackbox arrives in Australia

It is not every day that an IT company asks its customers to fork over $700,000 for an empty shipping container, but that is exactly what Sun is hoping some of its local customers will do as it showcases its data centre-in-a-box this week, called Project Blackbox.