Stories by Howard Dahdah

Mature IT workers back in vogue

For years they were shunned for being too old and uncool, but as the skills squeeze tightens, mature age IT workers are coming back in favour for companies seeking to fill voids in the workforce.

Free MacBooks underpin live success for indie rocker

A little bit of chutzpah has gone a long way for one musician. Concert goers at last weekend's Homebake music festival in Sydney were the latest to find out why, as they heard the sounds of award winning producer and vocal artist, Gotye.

UK government accuses Chinese of IT espionage

The UK government has accused the Chinese of hacking into the computer systems of some of its leading companies, according reports published by the English press over the weekend.

Telstra Spins out new voice-to-text message service

Telstra business customers too busy to check voice mail on their mobile phones will have the opportunity of receiving them as text messages thanks to a new outsourced service beginning later this month.

ACCC bats for the little guy, takes Google to court

A David and Goliath battle is set to take place in the Federal Court of Australia. The ACCC on Wednesday instituted legal proceedings against Google and the Trading Post claiming the two companies have engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct.