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Samsung Portable SSD T5: Built for Working on the Go

Find out how the Samsung Portable SSD T5 was able to significantly improve the business efficiency of a 3D printing business

This test drive was conducted by Andrew Teoh, business owner of a 3D printing company in Sydney. Samsung Electronics Australia provided Andrew with a Samsung Portable SSD T5 for the purposes of this test drive.

In the world of 3D printing, we are always on the move pitching for business in front of potential clients and managing the execution of large print projects. We work across a wide range of verticals and different types of printing campaigns, from an architecture blueprint for university students to medical moulds for hospitals. Storage on the go is extremely important for us as we are constantly making edits to designs for client prior to print and attention to detail is such an important of this job.   

The past storage devices that I have used included regular thumb drives for smaller size projects and regular hard disks. The problem with these devices was that the transfer speed was either really slow or the device itself was bulky and hard to carry around. As the 3D printing industry and our business has grown significantly, we are constantly on the lookout for technology that are able to keep up as we scale up on our projects. 

When looking for a storage device, I usually lean towards something that is quick, reliable and secure and the Samsung Portable SSD T5 definitely ticks all the boxes.   

My first impression of the Samsung portable SSD T5 is that it is compact, sleek (a nice cobalt blue finish) and super lightweight. Compared to other SSDs I have used in the past, this is definitely a lot more portable and easy to carry around in my pocket when I am on the go. It also helps that the SSD is shock resistant from up to 2 meters as I have had bad experiences of dropping my previous devices and for it to become completely broken.

The device was ready to use on the get go once it came out from the box. I was able to plug the USB in to my laptop and start transferring files straight away. The SSD comes with a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2, and a Type-C connector (for connecting to a mobile device).

What really stood out for me was how quickly I was able to transfer files from the laptop to the SSD. The speed is significantly faster compared to previous devices I have used. In one instance, I had to transfer a large 5GB design file from a client and this transfer process was done within seconds! This was the same when I was sending files to print from the SSD to the printer or my laptop. Having quick transfer speed is quintessential for a fast paced business like us, this is especially true with projects that have tight turnarounds and are time sensitive as it shaves off minutes of transfer time per transfer which adds up to hours per month and days per year. This device has significantly improved our business efficiency and given us more time to focus on the things that truly matter instead of sitting in front of a computer/printer waiting for files to be processed.

A lot of times, our client projects are private and confidential which requires us to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect their intellectual property and files. It is definitely re-assuring that this SSD allows me to password lock the entire drive especially when I am outside of the office so I never have to worry even if the drive has been left unattended.

I would rate the Samsung SSD T5 a five out of five stars because it is easy to bring around, and comes with all the features that fits seamlessly into my busy and mobile lifestyle.

Click here to find out more about the Samsung Portable SSD T5.

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