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  • Reports of software piracy on the rise: BSA

    The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has announced the results of its ‘Feeling uncomfortable at work’ campaign, with the number of Australian workers who reported piracy in their workplace increasing by 17 times.

  • Police crack down on counterfeit goods

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have embarked on a major crackdown of counterfeit goods, including pirated software, computers and CDs and DVDs, in a move hailed by as a victory by software companies such as Microsoft and representatives of the music and film and TV industries.

  • U.S. government to crack down on piracy

    U.S. President Barack Obama's administration will seek to aggressively enforce its intellectual property laws by putting pressure on countries that don't shut down piracy Web sites and by requiring all government contractors to check for illegal software, the White House announced.

Features about anti-piracy
  • Gotcha! Pursuing software pirates

    You might not realize it, but two out of every 10 of your co-workers might be using pirated software, according to industry statistics. You might be, too, for that matter, particularly if you work in manufacturing or at a small or midsize company with 100 to 500 PCs. You just might not know it.