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  • Getting the most out of Kubernetes

    Seventy-three percent of companies now have at least one application, or a portion of their computing infrastructure already in the cloud. With multi-cloud environments on the rise, containers have become a major driving force for businesses and developers because of their portability between cloud providers.

  • How Just Eat runs devops at scale

    UK-based food delivery company Just Eat runs a hugely complex devops culture across 35 software development teams in five geographies, working together to maintain 450 microservices.

  • An introduction to containers and microservices for enterprise leaders

    Containers currently make up about 19 percent of hybrid cloud production workloads today, but in just two years’ time this will increase to around 33 percent. In particular, microservices are being increasingly employed in the finance sector, with NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn recently saying they are “resilient, reusable, flexible and proven”.

  • Good migrations – easier said than done

    The cloud plays a pivotal role in a successful digital transformation, but as 2018 approaches, some organisations continue to grapple with the often complex implementation cloud migration brings.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation: fundamentals of success

    ​Technology is no longer about numbers on a report or spreadsheet - it is about touching and reaching your customers (whenever and wherever they are), by “delivering superior experiences,” according to former Coles CIO and tech veteran, Conrad Harvey.

  • In pictures: Computerworld Exchange Breakfast: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

    ​In the push towards digital transformation, IT leaders need real-time operational insights into application performance, user experience and business outcomes. A packed crowd gathered at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne for the CW Exchange Breakfast, sponsored by AppDynamics, to learn about the digital transformation journey - some key challenges and opportunities in transitioning to the digital era.

  • 5 essentials of effective cloud data integration, a customer perspective

    In search of agility and low overhead, companies are putting as many applications as practical in the cloud. But the resulting hybrid IT environments, where certain applications remain on-premise for security or other reasons, can result in <a href="">data integration</a> issues that reduce efficiency drags and hamper agility.

  • CA Technologies sues AppDynamics for patent pilfering

    CA Technologies is suing a rival in the Application Performance Management (APM) market, accusing AppDynamics of using three of CA's patented technologies. The founder and CEO of AppDynamics helped lead software development at an APM company later acquired by CA.