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  • Not enough Australian dial-up users to bother counting, ABS says

    Is it the end of an era or had the era already ended long ago? The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) twice a year releases its Internet Activity report, containing a host of information about how we access the Internet — and the latest edition featured a noticeable absence.

  • Banks ill-equipped for proposed APRA data demands

    ​Australia’s Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (ADIs) have inadequate technology infrastructure to meet the demands for higher quality data reporting being proposed by their regulator, a recent survey suggests.

  • Census: Government rejects additional privacy safeguards

    The government has rejected recommendations from Greens and Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) senators that would potentially impose additional restrictions on the use of data gathered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) during the Census.

  • Census shitfight: IBM blames Nextgen

    The fallout from the 2016 Census continues, with IBM pointing fingers at Nextgen and Vocus over the debacle — while at the same time acknowledging a significant technical misstep of its own.

  • How the 2016 Census failure unfolded

    Although the government’s review of the problems surrounding the online 2016 Census is yet to be released, the person leading the review, Alastair MacGibbon, has provided a new, concise rundown of the events of Census night.

  • ‘Crippling’ IT problems at ABS, say union members

    The Community and Public Sector Union has defended the professionalism of staff at the Australian Bureau of Statistics who worked on the 2016 Census, linking the problems with this year’s Census to funding cuts and inadequate resources at the agency.

  • Senate push against Census fines defeated

    The Coalition and Labor have used their numbers in the Senate to defeat a motion seeking to prevent people from being fined for not participating in this year’s Census.

  • IBM breaks silence over Census

    IBM has responded to the Census debacle after a conspicuous silence in the wake of Tuesday night’s website meltdown.

  • Turnbull takes aim at IBM, ABS over Census

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shifted his tone on the Census debacle, with the PM telling a press conference that “which heads roll where and when” will be determined by the government review into the website meltdown that left most Australians unable to complete the Census.​

  • ‘Confluence of events’ led to Census failure

    In an at times bizarre press conference small business minister Michael McCormack has confirmed that a series of denial of service attacks targeted the Census 2016 website, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics eventually making the decision to pull it offline.