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  • Smartphone specs demystified

    Retailers use various marketing and technical terms to describe the smartphones they sell. Some of those terms represent meaningful phone characteristics, while others are mostly hype. To help smartphone shoppers understand what they're looking at, we offer definitions of the most commonly used specifications, and explain why they are important.

  • eBeef: RFID from birth to plate

    Computers determine the quality of meat on your dinner plate, long before it turns up on the doorstep of your butcher, and the increasing uptake of technology in the meat industry means armers across the country are liberating themselves from the global financial crisis, the ravages of drought and other environmental problems.

  • 10 great Bluetooth gadgets

    Does this sound familiar? Your mobile phone, your smart phone and your notebook all come equipped with Bluetooth, but you hardly use it because other than a clunky headset, there's not much to connect to. That may have been true in the past, but while you weren't looking, an array of cool and useful Bluetooth devices has appeared on the scene.

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  • Growth Opportunities for Professional Headsets, Global

    The distributed, dynamic, and on-demand workforce of today requires unprecedented mobility, connectedness and top-notch experiences to stay engaged and productive. PC USB and UCC headsets continue to experience rapid growth, especially wireless Bluetooth stereo UCC headsets. Download this paper to see how headsets are essential to disruption-free communications.