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  • RMIT-fabricated chip mimics brain’s memory making

    ​Researchers from RMIT, ANU, QUT and Colorado State University have demonstrated an ultra-thin electronic chip which they say can mimic the way neurons work to store and delete information in the brain.

  • Wearable brain devices sold with questionable claims

    ​Wearable ‘neurotechnology’ devices have in recent years hit the mainstream market; pitched to consumers as a way to improve memory and attention, boost brain fitness and control games and objects with the power of the mind.

  • New project aims to 'reverse-engineer' the brain

    Teaching computers to learn the way we do is widely considered an important step toward better artificial intelligence, but it's hard to achieve without a good understanding of how we think. With that premise in mind, a new $US12 million effort launched on Wednesday with aims to "reverse-engineer" the human brain.