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News about CES 2013
  • How wireless charging can drive near-field communications growth

    At CES 2013, the Wireless Power Consortium displayed dozens of devices that were designed to the Qi wireless charging standard, suggesting that 2013 may be the year wireless charging becomes a feature consumers expect to come standard in new smartphones.

  • 5 takeaways from CES 2013

    CES 2013 has come and gone. In addition to "wear more comfortable shoes next time", here's what we learned at this year's premier consumer technology conference.

  • CES 2013: IBM wants to connect your whole house to its Cloud

    A big theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the connected home. There are televisions connected to the Cloud; refrigerators connected to the Internet; heating, lighting and security systems connected to sensors and monitors. And IBM wants all of those devices to be connected to its Cloud.

  • Hottest Android news and rumours for the week ending January 11, CES-style

    ZTE and Huawei took home most of the device-related headlines from this year's International CES in Las Vegas, which didn't exactly provide an earthshaking amount of Android news for a show of its size. Nevertheless, the companies both demonstrated strong new offerings, and other players, including Samsung and Sony, made their own hardware-related waves.