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  • Cisco cutting home broadband perks to reduce costs

    Cisco Systems is ending a longstanding policy that allows its employees to expense their home broadband service, part of a wider effort to reduce costs in the tough economic climate, sources at the company said.

  • Cisco flips for video camera maker

    Cisco Systems said Thursday it plans to buy Pure Digital Technologies, the maker of the popular Flip Video handheld camera, for US$590 million in stock.

  • Could Cisco and BMC become more than partners?

    As Cisco makes an aggressive play for data center market share with its California blade server, industry watchers speculate whether the vendor might also consider acquiring one of the big four management software makers to strike a potentially bigger blow to competitors HP and IBM.

  • Cisco competitors downplay new blade server

    As Cisco entered the blade server market with its hotly anticipated Unified Computing System Monday, competitors lined up to dismiss the new technology, saying it raises the problem of vendor lock-in and is too limited in scope to address broad customer needs.

  • Cisco enters server market with Unified Computing System

    In a much-anticipated announcement, Cisco Systems Monday launched its Unified Computing System, comprising virtualization technology, services and blade servers aimed at helping enterprises develop and manage what it calls "next-generation data centers."

  • Linksys debuts smart home media server

    Linksys has announced the availability of its new-generation home media server, dubbed “Media Hub”, to the local market aimed at simplifying the management and distribution of digital content in homes and small businesses.

  • Cisco warns of four WLAN controller vulnerabilities

    Cisco Wednesday issued a security alert warning of a quartet of vulnerabilities affecting all of its wireless LAN controllers, including the Catalyst 6500 and 7600 wireless modules, with software version 4.2 or higher.

  • Cisco adds power management to switches

    Cisco Systems Inc. has announced software for its switches designed to turn off Internet Protocol phones and wireless access points after normal working hours. Dubbed EnergyWise, the software will eventually be used in building control systems to automatically turn off lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.