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  • Cisco goes green with software upgrade

    Cisco Systems is looking to reduce the energy consumption of network attached devices such as IP phones, laptops and access points using a new architecture called EnergyWise, the company announced at its user conference in Barcelona on Tuesday.

  • Cisco acquires building systems specialist

    Cisco this week announced that it has purchased privately held Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, a provider of middleware that enables businesses to integrate building infrastructure and IT applications over an IP network.

  • Cisco sets data center blast

    Cisco Tuesday unveiled vital extensions to its data center arsenal with additions to the Nexus switching line and enhancements to its Catalyst products, including software designed to let the switches control the energy consumption of attached devices.

  • Cisco launches major green push with EnergyWise

    Cisco System launched a major green initiative this week that includes free software to help customers use their networks to automatically turn off computers and network gear at night and whenever they aren't being used.

  • Brocade's new CTO takes aim at Cisco

    Just a few months ago, Dave Stevens began his second stint as CTO of Brocade. But this time, the company has much bigger aspirations. With the acquisition of Foundry having closed Dec. 19, Brocade is aiming to become Cisco's chief competitor for customers throughout the data center.

  • Cisco CTO could be tapped by Obama

    Cisco's CTO Padmasree Warrior is one of the top two candidates for the first US CTO, expected to be named any day now, according to published reports.

  • Cisco brings WebEx to iPhone

    Being out of the office without a PC will no longer be an excuse for missing meetings on Cisco Systems' WebEx Meeting Center and Unified MeetingPlace conferencing systems.

  • Cisco: Huge international interest in developer contest

    Cisco Systems is claiming that international interest in its recently launched contest for router-centric application development has been so strong that it must extend the first-phase deadline from Jan. 12 to Feb. 27.

  • Cisco: Cyberattacks growing, looking more legit

    Internet-based cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and specialized as profit-driven criminals continue to hone their approach to stealing data from businesses, employees and consumers, according to a Cisco study released this week.