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  • Storage optimization considerations for SMBs

    IT budgets are always tight in small to midsize business, and when it comes to storage, many simply bolt on additional boxes to accommodate growth and data retention regulations without considering the added complexity and long-term costs.

  • Cloud storage specification gets ISO approval

    The Cloud Data Management Interface has been approved as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization, clearing the path for adoption among vendors and government agencies alike.

  • Public Cloud storage buyer's guide: FAQs

    Customer interest in public Cloud storage is increasing, driven by the promise of affordable, elastic storage for archiving, backup/recovery, and disaster purposes. To understand the types of offerings available and to assist buyers with purchasing decisions Computerworld has prepared a public Cloud storage buyers guide. It begins with some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Riverbed Whitewater: Data deduplication for cloud storage

    Cloud storage seems like such a no-brainer for backups and disaster recovery, it's a wonder that more businesses aren't taking advantage of it. If you're concerned about cloud outages, cloud storage costs, data loss, data security, or the ability to push your nightly backup sets up the Internet straw, Riverbed Technology's Whitewater appliance may make cloud storage easier to embrace.

  • Home-grown Cloud storage service launched

    Sydney-based Cloud computing provider Ninefold has launched a storage service it claims is the first local equivalent of Amazon Web Services’ S3 offering and announced its inclusion into the jclouds multi-cloud library.

  • Optus delays mobile storage lockers

    Optus is in preparations to launch its own version of popular storage locker service Dropbox, allowing mobile customers to back up their data to the telco’s storage infrastructure.

  • The iPad data dilemma: Where cloud storage can help

    Tablet computing is a decade-old technology, but one that lay buried since users rejected Microsoft's "heavy OS" approach a while back. A year ago, Apple's iPad resurrected the tablet computing concept, delivering a lightweight sheet of computational glass with a pleasant, responsive user interface and a blizzard of applications. Users love it, and now a barrage of wannabe tablets are flooding the marketplace. All do reasonably well at the four applications users access most: Web, email, books, and media. And the half million or so apps in the collective app stores of Apple, Android, and BlackBerry would seem to fill every conceivable mobile need.

  • Australian economy ‘not big enough’ to be cloud hub

    The Australian economy may not be large enough to warrant international vendors launching dedicated data centres to provide cloud services to the local and Asia Pacific markets, a senior federal government bureaucrat has warned.

  • Association looks to get more involved in standard setting

    Users should get more involved in helping develop cloud standards said the chairman of the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) in Europe. But Bob Plumridge said that the organisation was aware of the logistical problems facing users and said the organisation was looking at ways to help users overcome these.