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  • Lonely Planet embarks on Google Apps pilot

    Travel publishing company Lonely Planet is set to launch a pilot of Google Apps at the end of this week. Around 75 employees will take part in the pilot according to Bob Topping, the company's infrastructure services manager.

  • Thiess cuts failover to disaster recovery time by 83 per cent

    The 2011 Brisbane floods were a wakeup call for Thiess: The engineering services firm's legacy storage system required a complete shutdown to migrate data, which had to be done within 24 hours in order to minimise any interruption to its business.

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  • Backup and Recovery Best Practices with CommVault Simpana Software

    Tintri VMstores with CommVault Simpana software solution is a strong combination for providing data protection of virtual machines locally and remotely. CommVault Simpana deduplication solution is very efficient and only stores unique changed block for backups. Tintri VMstores are designed, from the ground up, for hosting virtual machines. In addition, SnapVM, CloneVM, and ReplicateVM can ensure that virtual machines and application servers are protected locally and across data centers.