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  • Seven innovative data center designs

    From reflective roofs to pods, innovative features have popped up in data centers worldwide this year. Check out these seven unusual designs.

  • Microsoft gains cloud security certification … six months after Google

    Microsoft has received FISMA certification for its cloud computing data centers, a key step toward gaining customers in the federal government market that has been infiltrated by rival Google. However, Microsoft's hosted Exchange and Online services have not yet been awarded FISMA approval.

  • IBM cloud patching system highlights virtualization research

    IBM's research division is working on several virtualization projects that could boost security of cloud computing networks, reduce data center power costs, and improve the ability to run multiple hypervisors and operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

  • With WikiLeaks, Amazon shows its power over customers

    WASHINGTON - Amazon is a prominent company in the U.S. Its cloud servers host the U.S. government's stimulus spending Web site, and it is competing for even more federal business. It also spent about $1.5 million this year on lobbying in Washington, according to

  • Start-up transforms unused desktop cycles into fast server clusters

    When you consider technologies that make corporate IT more efficient by improving utilization of computing resources, <a href="">VMware</a> and its x86 virtualization software may be what that comes to mind.

  • China breaks ground on futuristic supercomputer complex

    China has unveiled a sleek, ultra modern-appearing design for its new supercomputing center, apparently rejecting the windowless, boxy design of typical data center complexes with an architectural style -- including a saucer-shaped building -- that may reflect the country's <a href="">broader supercomputing ambitions</a> .

  • Vocus forecasts $6m 1H ebitda

    Wholesale telecom operator Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC) has revealed it is expecting first half ebitda of between $6 million and $6.3 million.

  • 6 sets of useful Apple iPad resources

    Apple says it sold more than 3 million iPad tablet computers during the first quarter they were on the market and nearly 5 million in the quarter ended Sept. 25.

  • California's earthquake risk spurs supercomputing efforts

    NEW ORLEANS -- The rush to build more powerful supercomputers is part of a larger race to solve some of mankind's biggest problems and threats, and one person on the front line of that effort is Thomas Jordan, the director of the Southern California Earthquake Center.