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  • Thiess cuts failover to disaster recovery time by 83 per cent

    The 2011 Brisbane floods were a wakeup call for Thiess: The engineering services firm's legacy storage system required a complete shutdown to migrate data, which had to be done within 24 hours in order to minimise any interruption to its business.

  • Top 10 disaster recoveries of 2009

    Data recovery and legal technology provider, Kroll Ontrack, has announced its sixth annual top ten data disasters from 2009. A global poll of Ontrack Data Recovery experts came up with the list, which points to the vulnerability of data loss during time, location and situation.

  • Data recovery should be part of disaster recovery

    IT managers should ensure their disaster recovery (DR) strategy also includes a chapter on data recovery, according to Kroll Ontrack general manager for Asia Pacific, Adrian Briscoe. “Too many businesses rely on their disaster recovery plans alone,” he said. “Typically, software is very good at doing everything automatically. It is the events where software has some sort of corruption and can’t understand what’s going on — that’s when you need the human intervention of a data recovery engineer behind the scenes.”

  • Kroll Ontrack opens new cleanroom facility

    Data recovery services provider, Kroll Ontrack, has opened a new data recovery cleanroom facility in Queensland. The company established its original cleanroom on the West End site in 2005, but increased demand for data recovery services has allowed Kroll Ontrack to expand and add to existing services, including the data recovery techniques from storage media such as hard drives and solid state devices.

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