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News about data sovereignty
  • India cloud panel pushes for data sovereignty requirement

    A panel working on the Indian government's cloud computing policy wants data generated in India to be stored within the country, according to its draft report — a proposal that could deal a blow to global technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft who offer such services.

  • Shadow IT: Queensland audit uncovers cloud sprawl

    A recent scan of the Queensland government’s Internet gateway revealed the use of thousands of instances of cloud services across departments — and in many cases the ICT teams of the departments are unaware that the services are being used.

  • Data sovereignty or data protectionism?

    Amid ongoing disclosures about the unsavory scope of U.S. and British intelligence-gathering programs, Australian policymakers have championed protectionist policies designed to restrict the flow of data across the country’s borders and lock foreign technology providers out of its domestic market.

Whitepapers about data sovereignty

  • Strategy Guide: Data Sovereignty and Security

    While the US Patriot Act may make many headlines for the legal authority it bestows on US agencies to access data held in foreign countries, Australian companies need to be aware of similar legislation in both the US and Australia, according to security industry experts. Forrester senior analyst, Michael Barnes, said Australian companies were right to be wary of placing their data in the cloud as it could be accessed by US authorities using the Patriot Act. Read more.