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  • Optimistic outlook from Dell, Intel may signal rebound

    Like the rest of the economy, the tech sector has been in the doldrums for well over a year now. But there are signs that things may be improving. Here are five recent developments that show a tech recovery may be under way.

  • NPS subscribes to virtualisation in $250K IT overhaul

    The unstoppable march of virtualisation has won another victory with Australia’s National Prescribing Service (NPS) consolidation 39 physical servers down to three and saving enough power to pay for future infrastructure upgrades.

  • Dell's net income, revenue drop for second quarter

    Dell on Thursday reported a drop in net income and revenue during the second fiscal quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year, but said that it anticipates that the global economy will improve and IT spending will be strong in the second half of this year.

  • Why Dell wants a smartphone in China

    Earlier this year there was a great deal of speculation in the press about Dell entering the smartphone arena. The PC-giant had hired the ex-Motorola executive behind the development of the popular and successful RAZR mobile phone and rumors swirled about whether the Dell smartphone platform would be built on Windows Mobile or Google's Android. It seems that perhaps the speculation should have been around *where* Dell might roll out a smartphone rather than *what* smartphone they might roll out. Apparently Dell has its sights on China, and for good reason.

  • Open source Xen a 1-Stop for transport IT company

    Sydney-based transport industry data interchange and portal provider 1-Stop Connections has migrated most of its core infrastructure to virtual servers and iSCSI SANs to reduce its infrastructure requirements and management complexity.

  • Dell looking to grow through acquisitions

    Dell executives on Tuesday said the company was looking to stimulate growth through acquisition as it moves its focus from client hardware to enterprise products.