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  • Senate push against Census fines defeated

    The Coalition and Labor have used their numbers in the Senate to defeat a motion seeking to prevent people from being fined for not participating in this year’s Census.

  • IBM breaks silence over Census

    IBM has responded to the Census debacle after a conspicuous silence in the wake of Tuesday night’s website meltdown.

  • Enterprise security testing: What are you missing?

    For all the advances in enterprise networking over the years there's been one big step backward: security testing. Relatively few enterprises today conduct regular security tests in-house, relying instead on occasional tests by outside consultants or, more dangerously, just taking vendor claims at face value.

Features about denial of service
  • Why attack Twitter?

    Twitter and Facebook were hit today with denial-of-service attacks that can knock a site offline, but don't steal information or cause permanent damage. The question is, why?