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  • Android 4: Developers praise the new UI and APIs

    Early returns on the <a href="">Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich"</a> software development kit have developers praising the unified perspective and capabilities of the Google mobile OS -- but their ability to test new apps is constrained by the lack of Android 4 devices, which also limits the market for apps that use the new OS.

  • Visual Studio 2011: Developers' first reactions

    With Microsoft readying a beta version of Visual Studio 11, the next major upgrade to the company's IDE, developers are interested in HTML5 backing as well as in basic functional fixes. Visual Studio 11, available as a developer preview since last month, is set to feature accommodations for the upcoming <a href="">Windows 8</a> OS, as well as the <a href="">Windows Azure cloud computing platform</a>, along with capabilities such as code cloning and enhanced unit testing. No release date is yet scheduled.

  • Java 7 support slated for JetBrains IDE

    JetBrains this spring will offer full support for Java 7 in an upgrade to the company's IntelliJ Idea IDE, according to the JetBrains IntelliJ Idea blog. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 will support language features of Java 7 across the IDE with capabilities such as code completion, code inspections, and quickfixes. &amp;nbsp;

  • Google releases full Android 3.0 SDK

    Google has made available the full SDK for the Android 3.0 mobile platform, featuring a UI redesigned for tablets and more connectivity options.

  • NetBeans IDE drops Ruby on Rails backing

    Citing low usage trends and a priority on Java, builders of the NetBeans IDE have killed off Ruby on Rails support in a planned upgrade, the NetBeans community announced on Thursday.