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  • Facebook allows you to reply to wall comments via e-mail

    Facebook now allows you to reply to wall posts, status updates, and photo comments via e-mail, eliminating the need to log into your account first. The move comes as a welcome convenience to many - in particularly, deskbound workers whose company bans Facebook at the workplace.

  • Macquarie Uni completes Gmail rollout

    Google is back in the race to provide email services to educational institutions across the country with NSW-based Macquarie University announcing it will begin rolling out Gmail accounts to its 6000 research, teaching and administrative staff.

  • Email hits Australia Post where it hurts

    The digital age has hammered Australia Post with the organisation recording a $67 million loss to its reserved letter mailing business in the 2008-09 financial year.

  • Delta Air Lines sued over alleged e-mail hacking

    Delta Air Lines is being sued for allegedly hacking the e-mail account of a passenger rights advocate supporting legislation that would allow access to food, water and toilets during long delays on the tarmac.

  • Yahoo!7 introduces new interface, third party apps

    Yahoo!7 Mail has moved to compete with social media giant Facebook through the introduction of a new look and feel to its Web email offering and a range of new features and third party applications.

  • Gmail makes switching e-mail services easier

    Gmail is making the frustrating process of switching e-mail providers just a bit easier. Google introduced a new feature for its Webmail service that allows new users to easily import all their e-mail and contacts from Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL accounts, just by typing their username and password.

  • Business-critical e-mail needs improved integrity

    The need for greater e-mail integrity has never been more important as e-mail has become the primary mode of communication for most connected businesses with, according to research firm IDC, an estimated 850 million commercial mailboxes worldwide.

  • 2008 spam was 62 trillion messages: McAfee

    The global energy bill required to transmit, process and filter spam e-mail in 2008 totaled some 33 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), according to a new report commissioned by security software vendor McAfee and carried out by ICF International.

  • E-mail snafu exposes names of confidential witnesses

    From the how-not-to-keep-a-secret department comes the tale of an official at U.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's office in Chicago who inadvertently e-mailed a document containing the names of more than 20 confidential witnesses in a federal probe to the media.

  • Gmail gets emotional

    You know that guy who replaces every period in his e-mail with a wink ;) ? Well, if he's got Gmail, watch out -- because now he can take his emoti-madness to a whole other level.