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  • NBN cuts costs for M2's Commander

    M2 Group can lower prices of its Commander small business plans without reducing margins when customers transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN), according to M2 Group CEO Geoff Horth.

  • Engin slashes 1H11 losses

    VoIP and DSL provider Engin (ASX:ENG) narrowed its losses significantly to $111,000 in 1H11, as a result of decreased depreciation and amortisation expenses.

  • Microsoft warns of new Windows vulnerability

    Happy New Year! Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday for 2011 is scheduled a week from today on the 11th of January, but there's no time like the present to kick things off for the year.

  • Google upgrades its cloud platform

    Google will upgrade on Thursday its Google App Engine cloud platform and its software development kit, adding capabilities for real-time communications and increased data replication.

  • DSL kickstarts engin's business

    SMB telco, engin (ASX:ENG), has reported a major turnaround in its business in the 2010 financial year, notching up a record EBITDA of $0.7 million off revenues of close to $20 million.

  • Google improves App Engine SDK

    Google on Thursday began offering an offering an upgrade to its Google App Engine SDK with features for improved performance, monitoring, and maintenance.

  • AMD waits for tablet dust to settle

    In the wake of the success of the Apple iPad, there seems to be a virtually endless line of competing tablets on the horizon. Most of the attention is focused on the operating system platform that drives the tablet, but the battle for the processor that provides the tablets engine is also heating up. As chip manufacturers compete to establish a presence in tablets, though, AMD will be conspicuously absent from the melee.

  • Security still an issue for cloud customers

    <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/cloud-computing">Cloud computing</a> may offer a quick and inexpensive way to build an online business, but customer fears about security still must be allayed.

  • Samsung WiMAX 2 test hits 330Mbps

    Yes, it's only a demonstration. Even so, Samsung's trial of WiMAX 2 technology that touched speeds of 330Mbps is still impressive.

  • Rubinius Ruby language variant gets an upgrade

    Rubinius, an implementation of the Ruby programming language featuring enhancements for JIT (Just In Time) compilation and garbage collection, is being upgraded Friday, gaining improvements in debugging, memory usage, and performance.