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  • Tackling security in multifaceted, complex IT environments

    New technologies and trends are being hailed as a source of productivity, but they are also driving a wedge between the security team and their dream of a simple and impenetrable barricade. Here's how security teams can tackle a complex and multifaceted IT environment.

  • Verizon Enterprise Solutions chief: 'We build infrastructure at scale'

    In the battle for the next generation of enterprise IT, John Stratton carries a lot of weapons. Stratton is president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, the nearly $30 billion unit formed just over a year ago to deliver networking, cloud, mobility, managed security, telematics and a host of other services in a more coordinated fashion for Verizon's top enterprise buyers. Building on a traditionally strong base of wired and wireless network services, Verizon Enterprise also blends in acquired assets like cloud hosting company Terremark, security company Cybertrust and Hughes Telematics. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Stratton spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Verizon Enterprise's progress since its inception, including a dramatic streamlining of internal systems and processes designed to make life much easier for the company's customers. Stratton also discussed the company's suite of services aimed at simplifying life for IT teams struggling with mobility and the influx of consumer devices, and he talked candidly about the prospects for a third mobile platform to rival Apple's iOS and Google's Android. He also talked about how cloud is reshaping the IT landscape and hinted at a series of major upcoming cloud announcements from Verizon Enterprise. Also, he explained how the "Internet of Things" is creating powerful new business opportunities for Verizon and its enterprise customers.

Whitepapers about enterprise IT

  • The State of the Virtualized Data Center

    In an effort to become more agile, many IT organizations have virtualized their data centre resources. However, these efforts go only so far before network complexity brings efficiencies to a halt. This whitepaper explains that to achieve greater levels of agility, IT must address the network. - Organizations today increasingly look to the data centre network for competitive differentiation - Results of the 2013 Computerworld State of the Enterprise survey suggest that IT departments are becoming adept at linking routine investments to business objectives - The 2012 Network World State of the Network study showed 34% of the respondents were ready to roll out, and 30% were already fully deployed