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  • Drawing on iPad Pro in OneNote vs. Evernote

    The OneNote and Evernote note-taking apps are both useful, but one is thoughtfully designed for use with the iPad Pro and Apple's Pencil stylus, while the other ... isn't.

  • Bad with names? 2 Android apps try to help

    A few years ago, Evernote picked up a small contact-manager app called Hello (which was then retitled Evernote Hello). One of the main ideas behind the app was to help those of us who had trouble remembering names (a category I definitely fall into). It let you take notes about people you met at, say, a conference, and pick up extra information, including photos, from LinkedIn. You could then use the info and/or the photos to jog your memory.

  • Google RSS death creates $1.3M business

    Google's decision last year to kill Google Reader, its RSS feed and Web-based service, allowed a then-tiny rival to grow into a company with revenue of at least US$1.3 million annually.

Features about Evernote
  • Evernote's quest to change the world through productivity software

    In early October, Evernote CEO Phil Libin debuted new features designed to make the immensely popular note-taking software <a href="http://www.citeworld.com/article/2691236/social-collaboration/how-evernote-will-become-a-full-fledged-collaboration-platform.html">friendlier to the enterprise</a>: Work Chat, Context and presentation mode.

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