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  • Farming 2.0

    In this final part of Computerworld's series on technological innovations shaping Australian farming, the founding director of Efficient Farming sheds light on how the concept of building an online community for the farming community was born.

  • A greener environment through better data management

    An agricultural research group is encouraging Australian grain farmers to join a National Farming Practices Database, an online central repository which includes detailed growing reports and productivity updates.

  • New technology guards food from feral animals

    Two Queensland-based researchers have just finished working on an animal management system prototype, developed over the past six years, which uses computer software to tell the farming livestock from wild animals.

  • eBeef: RFID from birth to plate

    Computers determine the quality of meat on your dinner plate, long before it turns up on the doorstep of your butcher, and the increasing uptake of technology in the meat industry means armers across the country are liberating themselves from the global financial crisis, the ravages of drought and other environmental problems.