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  • Is this the Opposition's broadband policy?

    Is this the Opposition's broadband policy?

    Yes, we know the "rolling out tin cans with wires attached" has been levelled at the Opposition before for their lack of a communications policy but we thought this sculpture added a bit of colour to the NBN argument.

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  • Gillard acknowledges NBN victory

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard invited Australians to reflect on the significance of Labor's National Broadband Network project going ahead, with its potential to deliver equivalent telecommunications pricing for the bush with metropolitan Australia.

  • Independent MPs back Labor, form minority government

    Independent MPs, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, have backed Gillard’s Labor Government after weeks of uncertainty for the Australian people, a result that will see the National Broadband Network (NBN) go ahead.

  • Wilkie secures pokie tech reform

    Tasmanian independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, has won a commitment from Prime Minister Julia Gillard that Labor would enforce an overhaul of poker machine technology if Labor takes Government, involving what is called “pre-commitment technology” being applied to the gambling devices.

  • NBN missing from ALP costings

    Despite promises made by Prime Minister, Jullia Gillard, a proper costing of the Labor party’s proposed National Broadband Network (NBN) is missing from Treasury documents delivered to the three independent MPs deciding the potential formation of a minority government.