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  • SBS shares online World Cup strategy

    Moving to the cloud has allowed broadcaster SBS to successfully cover this year’s World Cup with no outages of its online coverage and four million successful video downloads during the global soccer event.

  • World Cup helps Baidu score record Q2

    Internet searches surged during the World Cup soccer tournament, helping score its best quarter ever in terms of revenue and net profit.

  • 10 ways spam is like vuvuzelas

    If you've been glued to the World Cup, you'll know that there's more to the matches than soccer (football for our international audience).

  • Twitter 'over capacity'

    Despite upgrades to its capacity and servers, Twitter has been unavailable to its users for much of today.

  • SBS broadcasting World Cup games in 3D

    3D TVs may be brand spanking new but for the lucky few who have managed to pick one up, here are the broadcast times for the FIFA World Cup 2010 on SBS.

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  • World Cup tech: Tired of the vuvuzelas? Filter them out!

    If you're like me and the rest of the world, you're probably watching the World Cup. And you've probably also noticed while watching that it sounds there's either a massive swarm of bees, some type of air raid going on, or a bunch of pissed-off elephants in the background during every game.