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  • LoveBug worm hit 10 years ago during a simpler time

    When the LoveBug worm hit 10 years ago, it was a different time when people believed admirers were really reaching out to say "I love you", personal firewalls were turned off by default and executable attachments weren't blocked at e-mail gateways.

  • Engineers fix the shortcomings of the traditional firewall

    Sometimes, the problems we experience with computers are a result of a legacy design. Hardware or software might have been architected 10 or 20 years ago when the world of computing was vastly different from the way it is today. As a result, the product in use today isn't as effective as it could be because of aging or obsolete design.

  • Vendor links firewalls to VMware hypervisor

    Altor Networks has rewritten its firewall for virtual machines so the software plugs directly into VMware hypervisors, boosting the performance of the firewall by a factor of 10, the company says.

  • Complex firewalls cost money says new report

    Most organisations are getting a poor return on their investments in firewalls due to the complex issues in managing them. This is despite the fact that enterprises are facing on average 300 network attacks every year.

  • Analysis confirms Internet clampdown in Iran

    An analysis of the network traffic in and out of Iran over the last few days during the turmoil surrounding the election is offering a clearer picture of how the manipulation of Internet traffic within the country is affecting access to certain kinds of online content.

  • Third Brigade unveils Deep Security 6.0

    Third Brigade Tuesday unveiled the sixth version of its server-based host firewall and intrusion detection/prevention software, Deep Security, adding functionality for file-integrity monitoring, log inspection and connectivity with VMware's vCenter management server.

  • AlgoSec platform upgrade paints bigger firewall picture

    AlgoSec is releasing new software that enables its Firewall Analyzer to simulate the effect multiple firewalls have on traffic, making simpler to determine the net effect of the firewalls and to streamline their rule sets.