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  • Google apps for business: 10 powerful add-ons

    Google apps for business: 10 powerful add-ons

    Check out these 10 Google Apps add-ons designed to enhance the Google Apps experience and help you take care of business -- from data protection to project management and more. All add-ons can be found at Google Apps Marketplace, and most of them are free or offer a free edition.

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  • Meet the father of Google Apps (who used to work at Microsoft)

    Three weeks into his tenure at Google, Rajen Sheth -- former Microsoft and VMware employee -- met with Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt to propose a way of turning Gmail into a business-class e-mail system. And he was soundly rejected. 

  • Google's free file storage not such a good deal

    Google's introduction of free online storage for any type of file serves as a reminder that storing a gigabyte of data in the Internet cloud can vary in price from free to US$3.50 per, and that's just what Google charges its customers.

  • How many people have really 'Gone Google'?

    How many people really use Google Apps and how many of them are paying customers? That's a question Google has never quite answered, having touted a "20 million users" and "2 million companies" figure that is almost meaningless.

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  • Okta's Businesses @ Work Report

    What if you could make sense of millions of people, accessing thousands of applications, from thousands of companies all over the world? Now you can. The Businesses @ Work Report uses Okta’s dataset of thousands of customers, applications, and integrations, and millions of daily logins to understand how organizations and people get work done. And we’ve made some interesting discoveries. For example, a surprising number of organisations use BOTH Office 365 and Google Apps. Want to know why? Read Okta’s Businesses @ Work report now.