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  • Security roundup for week ending Nov. 18: Facebook, Norway oil-industry cyberattacks, and why virtualization and mobile devices mean security stress

    Last week's flood of pornographic and violent images that <a href="">hit Facebook</a> was a <a href="">coordinated spam attack</a> that caught the attention of the world. But less remarked-upon and perhaps more sinister was what may have been a <a href="">denial-of-service attack on many organizations' DNS servers</a>, based on an exploit of the BIND 9 protocol, temporarily knocking their networks offline. The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), which maintains several software products essential for Internet infrastructure, released a patch that's something of an interim fix for this and said it would conduct an investigation. This kind of attack -- which incapacitates entire networks, as it did in this case -- is truly worrisome.