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  • IIA releases draft eSecurity for ISPs

    The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has released a draft eSecurity code to help internet service providers (ISPs) to improve security for their customers.

  • Telstra Internet outage points to DNS failure

    This week's fault that knocked out Internet access for thousands of Telstra BigPond customers was most likely related to the ISPs domain name system (DNS), according to people affected by the outage.

  • ISPs need more oversight and regulation

    The Internet service provider industry is a rats and mice business that needs greater regulation and oversight said Alastair MacGibbon, former director of trust and safety at eBay, and prior to that, the former director of the High Tech Crime Centre.

  • More doubts surface over enforceability of ACMA's blacklist

    With the leaking of the supposed Australian Communication & Media Authority's (ACMA) URL “blacklist”, further doubts have been raised over whether such a list, and even Web Filtering itself, can successfully achieve the federal government's goal of protecting Australians from undesirable content like child pornography.

  • Court halts Internet lending practices

    A U.S. District Court has ordered seven Internet-based lending operations to halt some of their practices after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the state of Nevada complained that the companies failed to disclose key loan terms and used abusive collection tactics.

  • Large ISPs endorse customer opt-in for Web tracking

    Three of the four largest ISPs (Internet service providers) in the US said Thursday that they will adopt policies that require them to get meaningful permission from customers before tracking online activities.