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  • Virtualization and cloud computing hiring outlook for 2011

    Despite so many optimistic predictions from Gartner, IDC and other surveys about the growth of cloud computing that they're almost an industry in themselves, there's no better indication of real interest from real companies than spending on a new technology.

  • ERP investments to slow in 2011

    The number of companies planning to invest in their ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems will drop slightly this year, according to a Forrester Research report,

  • The Grill: Harry Lukens

    Back in 1994, Lehigh Valley Health Network, a two-hospital system based in Allentown, Pa., had a high IT personnel turnover rate. Today, that rate hovers around one per cent, and if you ask employees why, they point to CIO Harry Lukens. Over the past 16 years as the head of a 140-person IT department, Lukens has stuck by a few principles that have served him well: Treat others as you'd like to be treated, no idea is awful, and build a tight team by serving the greater community together.

  • Salesmanship helps bottler sell unified communications

    Unified communications systems haven't caught on as much as expected, and even though IT managers report some solid productivity benefits, rolling out such new technologies may require IT to engage in a bit of salesmanship with end users.

  • How to foster teamwork among techies

    Collaboration is all the rage among corporate executives these days, which means IT is busy providing systems that turn that vague concept into a real business benefit. But what happens when it comes time for techies themselves to collaborate?

  • The Grill: Tom Ryan

    Albuquerque Public Schools CIO Tom Ryan believes IT can do more than help teachers and administrators; he says technology has the power to actually transform how schools teach and how students learn. A former teacher and principal, Ryan is putting that belief into practice. As CIO of the largest K-12 district in New Mexico, with 139 schools and nearly 90,000 students, Ryan delivers IT services to the district's administration and teachers. He advocates for an education system where technology doesn't merely deliver content electronically but creates a new standard of individualized learning available 24/7 to teachers as well as students, their families, guardians and mentors.