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  • Oracle engineer reveals latency mysteries with heat maps

    While data-center managers have long used heat maps to help determine where to best position racks of servers and cooling units, this mode of visualization can also be handy for better understanding system latency, argues an Oracle engineer in the July issue of Communications of the ACM.

  • SAP readies 'River' cloud platform for public debut

    SAP is segmenting its emerging cloud-computing strategy across multiple development platforms, including one code-named "River," which will support lightweight extensions to its on-premises ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.

  • Infor buddies up with Microsoft

    Infor will be relying on Microsoft technology for the next generation of its line of ERP (enterprise resource planning) products, in the wake of a deal the companies announced Wednesday.

  • IT Project Management: 10 Less-Considered Keys to Success

    What's the recipe for project management success? Many IT professionals agree that buy-in and support from top management,clearly defined scope and requirements, good communication, and the right project resources top the list of key ingredients.

  • Improve Corporate Performance through Risk Management

    Enterprise reinvention and enterprise risk management have been a challenge to implement in many large organizations. The key to unlocking the potential of both is to understand and overcome why the traditional implementation approach consistently struggles.

  • The No. 1 Cause of IT Failure: Complexity

    Is the problem a bad set of user requirements? Poor business alignment? No. According to software architect Roger Sessions, the primary cause of software project failures is complexity.

  • Women CIOs & the Art of Influence

    CIOs are leaders of change, and change is something most people resist. Therefore, the ability to influence stakeholders--including those over whom CIOs have no direct authority--is an essential but difficult skill to master.

  • iPhone tethering could prove a boon to IT managers

    Of some 100 new features added to Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3.0 software last week, Jorge Mata, CIO for the Los Angeles Community College District, said that one of those alone -- the ability to tether Windows laptops to the iPhone -- could provide a quick boost his operation.

  • Could a management titan topple in 2009?

    The management market could be in for a shakeup in 2009, analysts say, when one of the big four market-leading management-software makers succumbs to acquisition by a high-tech heavyweight looking to buy its way in.

  • Tough economic climate can heighten insider threat

    With a faltering economy resulting in increased jobs cuts and corporate belt tightening, security analysts are warning companies to be especially vigilant about protecting their data and networks against disgruntled employees.

  • Survey explores cultural differences when work goes offshore

    Companies that are globalizing their operations or outsourcing work to offshore locations shouldn't overlook behavioral and cultural differences when developing their security risk-management plans, according to a survey of IT managers and end users in 10 countries that was released Tuesday by Cisco Systems.