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  • Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 7 June 2010

    HP's looming job cuts to its enterprise services division hasn't been the most comforting news of the past week, but an inevitably impending sign of IT skills shifting in the market to take advantage of new automation technologies and other technological trends.

  • Computerworld Australia's hot jobs round-up: 17 May 2010

    Last week's Budget saw little in the way of support for IT skills and education, from both the Federal Government and the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott's budget reply. State governments are still finding it hard to get enough skilled workers, though the job ad deficit seems to be continuing both in the public and private sectors.

  • How to manage layoff survivor syndrome

    Chances are, if you've survived a round of layoffs in your career, you've probably experienced a pang of longing for lost colleagues, a lack of motivation and a decrease in productivity. According to a report by The Conference Board, an independent membership organization, such reactions can be described as "survivor's syndrome."

  • Largest retailer has world's most underpaid CIO

    I tend to equate the salaries of celebrity CIOs (an oxymoron, I know) with the compensation packages of today's professional athletes: They're all seemingly excessive and incomprehensible to most salt-of-the-earth people. HP CIO Randy Mott, for instance, took home more than US$28 million in compensation in 2008, while New York Yankees' slugger Alex Rodriguez earns $15,856 every time he sees a pitch, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • Job search tips: addressing job hopping on a resume

    Call it "The Job Hopper's Dilemma." It's the fear, uncertainty and doubt that overcomes IT professionals who've held multiple jobs during a short span of time when they need to apply for a new job. They worry that their job hopping will hamper their job searches, but they don't know how to mitigate the issue.

  • IT job seekers: Can you answer 12 gotcha questions?

    There's a dozen interview questions that fluster IT job seekers at all career levels. Give a surprised or weak answer to any of them, and red flags fly. Hiring managers may conclude that a candidate is ill-prepared, and thus the job seeker can look forward to more months of firing off résumés in the worst job market in years.

  • Job seekers: get ready for the 'character' interview

    As laid-off executives flood the labor pool, some employers are seizing the opportunity to "upgrade" their management teams, say executive recruiters. In this job market, employers realize they might be able to recruit more experienced leaders -- possibly at lower salaries -- now than in the past.