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  • Pushdo spamming botnet gains strength again

    Computers in more than 50 countries are infected with a new version of Pushdo, a spamming botnet that has been around since 2007 and survived several attempts to shut it down.

  • 12 must-watch security startups for 2013

    Despite security concerns, businesses are growing more confident in adopting cloud-based services, and in addition are investing more in corporate mobile devices while also allowing employees to use their own in bring-your-own-device mode at work. So it's not surprising that recent security startups are zeroing in on things such as encrypting data held in the cloud or how to safeguard corporate data on BYOD devices.

  • Startup Lastline debuts with anti-malware appliance

    Startup Lastline debuted today with a combined anti-malware product and service called Previct, which works to prevent malware infections coming into the enterprise as well as inspect and analyze outgoing traffic.

  • Botnet takedown may yield valuable data

    Researchers are hoping to get a better insight on botnets after taking down part of Pushdo, one of the top five networks of hacked computers responsible for most of the world's spam.