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  • Lawsuit over Google location tracking

    Google has been accused in a lawsuit of illegally tracking the movements of millions of iPhone and Android phone users even when they use a privacy setting to prevent it.

  • Budget 2018: Space push, location tech boost

    The 2018-19 budget reveals details of the government’s funding for its efforts to promote a domestic space industry as well as new initiatives intended to boost Australian businesses access to location technology, including better GPS performance.

  • NSW Police Rescue eyes live tracking, 3D mapping

    New South Wales’ Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit is considering a range of potential upgrades to its core mapping platform, including integrating 3D maps based on digital elevation data and live tracking of search teams.

  • Bluedot Innovation aims for the enterprise

    Although Australian startup Bluedot Innovation counts SMBs among its customers, co-founder Filip Eldic said the intention has always been to develop a cloud platform that could location services to enterprises.

Whitepapers about location

  • Taking the pain out of supporting diverse technologies

    In this report, UXC Connect’s Steve Saunders describes a real-life case study where a major services organisation overcame the challenge of managing diversity across multiple locations, user expectations and technology environments. • For historical reasons, many large organisations put more effort into support than they should • A common challenge is managing diversity by creating commonality across multiple locations, user expectations and technology environments • The solution involves centralised remote management and standardised technical support and maintenance arrangements