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  • Lulzsec: the rise and fall of a hacking collective

    Lulzsec: the rise and fall of a hacking collective

    The curtain has fallen on the 50 day performance by hacker group LulzSec. Its campaign of mayhem and destruction, peppered with witty commentary captivated the world. In an alternate universe where Lulzcats reign and anti-security is the norm, it might have even earned a spot on its first target, The X-Factor. But on this earth its members may still be captured by its later targets: the CIA, US law enforcement and the FBI.

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  • LulzSec leader sentenced to time served

    A leader of the LulzSec hacking group is walking free after serving about seven months in prison because of his cooperation with police that has helped prevent hundreds of other attacks.

  • Top security incidents of 2011

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  • Top 10 Influential 2011: The rise and fall of LulzSec

    Hacktivists with a virtual axe to grind got their fair share of the spotlight in 2011, most notably a group called LulzSec that managed to cause problems for organisations ranging from the CIA to Sony, thereby earning them a place in the top 10 influential.