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  • Notorious spamming botnet, Rustock, takes a fall

    A large network of hacked computers called Rustock, which was responsible for a great volume of spam, has shut down, perhaps as a result of another coordinated take down by security researchers.

  • Virgin Media tracks Zeus Trojan using white hats

    ISP Virgin Media is now using organisations such as The Shadowserver Foundation to work out which of its customers might be part of botnets spreading the dangerous Zeus online banking Trojan.

  • Finjan lawsuit not our doing, say new owners

    The anglo-US company that bought out Finjan, M86 Security, has distanced itself from the <a href="http://news.techworld.com/security/3232102/finjan-sues-mcafee-symantec-over-antivirus-patent-claims/">fractious patent suit enveloping</a> a number of well-known antivirus companies and the company that held on to Finjan's patents, FSI Inc.