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  • Check the privacy of mobile apps: NSW privacy commissioner

    Australians need to check the privacy policy of smartphone apps before they download and discover their personal information is being “skimmed off” by third parties, urged New South Wales privacy commissioner Doctor Elizabeth Coombs.

  • Verify the security of your mobile apps

    The enterprise is increasingly turning to mobile app developers for solutions to leverage interest in BYOD. Gartner estimates that 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. The app development boom has fostered a competitive environment for developers and there is a focus on speed. But In the rush to deploy enterprise apps and start reaping the benefits, it is easy to overlook key security risks that could cause irreparable damage to your business.

Features about mobile app security
  • Tips for testing your mobile app security

    The enterprise has gone mobile and there's no turning back. And while the BYOD movement has received plenty of attention, IT departments are getting a handle on the security risks of personal mobile devices in the workplace. The next challenge is "bring your own application" (BYOA), because many public app stores have serious malware problems.