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  • Tablet users more engaged with online banking

    Online bank ING Direct has found that customers who use a tablet device to access its services are likely to be more engaged, with higher savings balances and more products than non-tablet users.

  • The next frontier of application context-awareness: mood

    Mobile devices, such as smartphones, bristle with an array of increasingly sophisticated sensors ranging from gyroscopes and light sensors to hygrometers and thermometers. These sensors can be used to provide context to applications and a device's operating system, modifying the end user experience to account for their environment (a simple example being altering screen brightness and keyboard backlighting as ambient light changes).

  • Are federal agency workers going rogue with personal devices?

    Federal agencies continue to struggle with the question of whether to allow employees to use their personal smartphones and tablets at work under so-called bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, according to a survey out this month from the organization Telework Exchange.

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