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  • In Pictures: Best open source monitoring tools

    In Pictures: Best open source monitoring tools

    We found all four products to be capable network monitoring tools that performed well in our basic tasks such as checking for host availability and measuring bandwidth usage. Beyond the basics, there were quite a few differences in terms of features, granularity and configuration options.

  • In Pictures: 10 simple-to-use social media monitoring and analytics tools

    In Pictures: 10 simple-to-use social media monitoring and analytics tools

    It's not hard to find social media marketing tools these days. It's harder to locate social monitoring utilities, in your price range, that do everything your business needs. These 10 simple social tools can help you monitor campaigns and analyse the metrics to draw actionable insights and demonstrate real ROI.

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  • Achieving Agile IT Operations with Unified Infrastructure Monitoring

    Enterprise IT organisations are often organised into subgroups of technology specialists responsible for managing a particular domain in the organisation, such as servers, networks, storage, virtualisation, or applications. This siloed approach to IT operations is a natural outgrowth of the specialisation of administrators who are equipped with narrowly focused management tools. As long as these administrators continue to live in their management silos, infrastructure operations will be slow to respond to change, and operational workflows will be slow and choppy. Enterprises need to streamline IT operations to support a more agile approach to delivering new services and revenue-generating applications. The essential ingredient in achieving this aim is an infrastructure management toolset that breaks down silos and unifies monitoring and workflows. The time has come for unified infrastructure monitoring tools. This paper explores the macro trends that are generating a need for unified monitoring tools. It identifies the business drivers for adopting such tools, including the key considerations for earning a return on investment. Finally, the paper examines CA Technologies’ Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) solution as an example of a monitoring architecture that supports the needs of an agile enterprise.

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