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News about natural disasters
  • Deloitte launches crisis management service

    Professional services firm, Deloitte has launched a crisis management arm in Australia to help organisations deal with disasters from data breaches to an outbreak of Ebola.

  • Why Victoria's fire services turned to cloud for capacity

    Inadequate infrastructure to cope with end user demand can cripple an organisation and risks doing damage to reputation and revenue. But when your organisation needs to deliver information that may mean the difference between life and death the stakes are, obviously, a lot higher.

  • Q&A: Emergency 2.0 Wiki

    Australia and the rest of the world had been hit with a spate of natural disasters in the past 12 months, whereby Emergency 2.0 Wiki was born from out of the rubble. Project leader, Eileen Culleton, spoke to Computerworld Australia about the project and the role that social media will play in the future of communications during natural disasters.

  • Tips for an effective disaster recovery plan

    According to some estimates, 2011 has become the year of billion-dollar natural disasters. With floods, storms and fires now a top-of-mind business risk concern, IBM has announced six tips that individuals, businesses and government agencies can use to help prepare their IT environments for natural disasters and a wide range of other threats.

  • Technology not key in disaster warnings

    The role of technology in emergency warnings and procedures is not of critical importance to their effectiveness, the chief executive of the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) has said.