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  • US drone completes first in-flight refuelling

    The US military has successfully demonstrated what it says is the first ever in-flight refuelling of an unmanned aircraft, and in doing so completed a flight test program that leads to a new generation of military drones due to take flight in the 2020s.

  • DARPA demos lightweight, 94GHz silicon system on a chip

    Looking to bring lighter, more powerful and less expensive systems for various applications such as communications, radar or guidance systems, DARPA said this week it had recently demonstrated an all-silicon, microchip-sized system on a chip that runs at 94 GHz.

  • U.S. military may have 10 robots per soldier by 2013

    American soldiers patrolling dangerous streets will soon be accompanied by robots programmed to scan the area with thermal imaging and send live images back to the command center. Likewise, squads of infantrymen hiking through mountains will be helped by a wagon train of robots carrying water, ammo and protective gear.

  • IT morphs as tech and users change

    As The consumerisation of IT and self-service trends gain momentum, IT shops are being restructured and IT professionals are learning to play new roles.