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  • Days of individual security over, says IIA chief

    People solely relying on patching and upgrades are leading themselves into a false sense of security and individual protection is no longer sufficient in the age of multi-vector attacks, according to the president of the Internet Industry Association of Australia.

  • Can Australia's internet be switched off, too?

    Although Australia has been a stable democracy for 110 years now, shutting off the country's internet would be surprisingly easy to do and take just minutes, according to telecommunications experts.

  • Attorney-General's office considering copyright law review

    The Federal Attorney-General’s Department has confirmed that the Government is considering a possible Australian Law Reform Commission review of the country’s copyright law, but the news has been met calmly by one internet service provider (ISP) very familiar with the nation's existing laws, iiNet.

  • Uni CIOs call for greater copyright law protection

    In the wake of the AFACT versus iiNet decision, and the pending Federal Court appeal, university CIOs are calling for more legal protection from potential cases of copyrighted content distribution in their networks.