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  • Microsoft targets auctions in counterfeit crackdown

    Microsoft continues to crack down on people it believes are counterfeiting and selling its software. On Thursday the company will add another 63 legal filings in 12 countries against individuals who it says are selling counterfeit Microsoft products.

  • Police arrest BitTorrent tracker operators in Brisbane

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) yesterday arrested and charged two Brisbane men with money laundering offences linked to a BitTorrent tracker site. A $54,000 bank account belonging to one of the men was subsequently frozen.

  • Police raid Sydney piracy ring in Australia's largest bust

    In what could be the largest piracy bust to date in Australia, NSW Police this morning seized an estimated 1 million DVDs and CDs in Sydney. The raids took place when police executed search warrants on four properties in Camden and one in the Green Valley area, uncovering the largest known cache of pirated music and Asian movies in Australia.