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  • Qantas learns from social media 'hammering'

    Qantas has publicly admitted that it did not use Twitter or Facebook effectively to communicate to passengers and Singaporean residents affected by the QF32 flight incident last year, when an Airbus A380 was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore after an engine exploded in mid-air.

  • How Qantas got social with crisis management

    Qantas has successfully used social media to help manage communication with its customers during crises, such as last year’s QF32 incident, according to a spokesperson addressing a Dell roundtable on the business benefits of social media.

  • Qantas lounges go Apple

    Tough luck if you're a Windows 7 fan. The nation's largest airline Qantas yesterday announced it would go Apple-only in its frequent flyer lounges around Australia, giving travellers access to "the latest generation Macs" in a national rollout.

  • Qantas looks to cloudy skies

    Chris Seller is Qantas' chief IT architect and head of Operations for its Corporate Services and Technology division. The executive is a veteran of the airline, having held senior IT roles within its ranks for over a decade, including as the head of IT for its Jetstar subsidiary. Seller took some time out recently to speak about Qantas' cloud computing strategy and the issue in general.

  • Qantas adopts RFID for domestic baggage checks

    Australian airline, Qantas (ASX:QAN) has penned a four-year deal with Unisys to provide a Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) for its Australian domestic flights, to begin on 10 November.

  • Department of Health and Ageing seeks e-health CIO

    Movement continues within the CIO ranks as two more organisations advertise for chief information offices, including the federal Department of Health and Aging. The department is this week advertising for a Chief Information and Knowledge Officer to develop “a portfolio-wide framework for capturing, documenting and using information and knowledge”.

  • CIO leaves NSW Education to join Qantas

    Outgoing NSW Department of Education and Training chief information officer, Stephen Wilson, will join the airline as its head of technology, reporting to executive manager of corporate services and technology, David Hall.

  • Qantas to offer mobile check-in

    Following in the footsteps of its nimbler low-cost airline subsidiary, Jetstar, Qantas has launched a mobile check-in service.

  • Updated: Fujitsu to polish Qantas' flying kangaroo

    Fujitsu has bagged an exclusive systems integration deal with Qantas to look after user facing services for the airline’s domestic and international operations, beating Telstra, Unisys, HP, TCS and IBM.

  • Qantas to shed 1750 staff

    Qantas has announced that it is to shed some 500 management positions as the economic crisis bites hard into its bottom line.

  • Linux takes a seat on Qantas’ new superjumbo

    Linux will be a passenger in every seat on Qantas’ Airbus A380s aeroplanes. All of the airline’s superjumbos – the first of which will commence flying next week – will have their in-flight entertainment systems powered by the operating system.

  • Computer glitch suspected in Qantas jet plunge

    Investigators from the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) have suggested a computer glitch may have been responsible for an incident on Tuesday afternoon where a Qantas aeroplane fell 1000 feet, seriously injuring 14 passengers, and hospitalising a further 30.