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  • New R18+ milestone: First game gets R18+ adults only classification

    Australia's Classification Board today announced the first video game to receive the new R18+ classification, indicating it is to be sold only to adults. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, developed by Team Ninja, is published by Nintendo for the company's new Wii U console.

  • SCAG lags on R18+ games

    Australia's Attorney-Generals have remained coy on whether classification reform for video games will be considered before the federal election.

  • Gamers set loose R18+ petition deluge

    The Attorney General’s department is about to be inundated with submissions calling for the introduction of an R18+ classification for electronic games. Electronics Boutique retail outlets across Australia and the Group Up Australia website collected submissions this month in response to a Federal Government discussion paper on the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games in Australia.