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  • R18 games and Australia's classification revolution

    Australia is set to undergo a major change in its classification system that will finally resolve the vexed issue of the absence of an R18 rating for video games if proposals from the Australian Law Reform Commission are adopted.

  • Macquarie Uni puts R18+ classification, gaming under the microscope

    Macquarie Uni will host a free public debate on the 'politics of play' as part of the university's GAME festival, organised by the Interactive Media Institute. The debate will look at the issues surrounding the creation of an R18+ classification for video games in Australia and how interactive entertainment is treated compared to other forms of media such as films, as well as the impact of games on society.

  • NSW backs R18+ classification

    New South Wales will back the creation of an R18+ classification for computer games, clearing the way for the adult-only category's introduction.

  • Attorneys-general back R18+ games classification

    The two day meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General has endorsed the idea of an R18+ classification for video games. The in principle decision was backed by all states and territories, with the exception of NSW Attorney-General, Greg Smith, who abstained.