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  • HP opens up on SDNs

    HP this week is establishing an "open" approach to SDN intended to accelerate programmable network deployments and stimulate demand for its switches and routers.

  • Planning for SDN

    In our first Network World Spotlight, "Understanding SDN" we spelled out the basics. Here we catch you up on the status of the movement and begin to lay out how you get there from here, examining basic planning, what to look for in an SDN controller, and discussing what the Open Networking Foundation hopes to achieve with its new Migration Group.

  • SDN: The core building blocks

    When getting to know software defined networking, you'll encounter a number of terms that are used in conjunction with the technology. Some of the terms are unique to SDN, while others describe technologies that, while not unique, are frequently used in SDN designs.


    Software has been programming our networks for a long time, so how is SDN different?

  • 12 tips for SDN IT buyers

    Software defined networking (SDN) offers significant opportunities and challenges for enterprise IT professionals. SDN has the potential to make networks more flexible, reduce the time to provision the network, improve quality of service, reduce operational costs and make networks more secure.

  • The time is now for 'Open Ethernet'

    In today's data center you need to be able to add services and hardware without compromising network performance, but the flexibility to tune the network to meet business needs is also mandatory.

  • SDN coming ... soon

    Software defined networking was a hot topic at the recent Interop conference in Las Vegas, where enthusiasm for the emerging technology overpowered any lingering doubts.